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9) The massacre of May Lai, 1968:

On March 16, 1968, within 4 hours, over 500 unarmed Vietnamese villagers including women and children were killed in My Lai.
Women were raped, huts were burned, wells were poisoned, livestock was killed, the peacefull vilage was completely destroyed.

The question is "why things like this happen ?"

Every single soul in this small village had his fate recorded long before he was ever born, the children served their time on earth and simply were transferred back to Heaven, everyone under 40 (the age of responsbility) went there too, as for those who were destined to be punished, they had their just requital for "disregarding" God.

We were all sent here for one purpose, to worship God alone, ask Him alone for help, thank Him alone for provisions, and to reverence Him alone, apparently the village of May Lai didn't acknowledge their Lord, and thus they deserved this terrible requital.

As for the American soldiers, it was a big test for them, some were guilty and participated in the atrocities, they were the ones controlled by their Jinn companions. The evil Jinns (some Jinns are righteous though) dehumanized their enemny, the human being and made them murder their fellow humans in cold blood.

Some others like Hugh Thompson were not controlled by the Jinns, they reverenced God, feared the Judgment day and refused to kill innocent civilians.

Lieutenant William Calley

"I was ordered to go in there
and destroy the enemy," Calley
testified. "That was my job on
that day. That was the mission
I was given. I did not sit down
and think in terms of men, women
 and children. They were all
classified the same, and that was the classification that we dealt with,
just as enemy soldiers." 

Fear of the enemy, and fear of the leaders drive many soldiers to
dehumanize the enemy, fear is Satan's weapon of control.
 It doesn't work except with the guilty.
[3:175] It is the devil's system to instill fear into his subjects.
Do not fear them and fear Me instead, if you are believers.

Paul Meadlo admitted to shooting his rifle into groups of people,
 including the group of people in a ditch, when ordered to do so by
William Calley. When asked why he followed an order to kill
women and children, Meadlo stated that he believed he could
be shot if he disobeyed an order, and that in the past Calley
had kicked him when he failed to follow orders.
During his retreat, Meadlo stepped slightly off the trail and a land
mine exploded, blowing off his foot.  Calley’s face was cut by a
piece of flying shrapnel.As he was flown off, he cursed Calley
 shouting, “You’ll get yours!  God will punish you Calley!” 
While recovering in the hospital, Meadlo firmly believed that
God was punishing him for his conduct. 


 I walked over to the ground units and said,
 "Hey, there's some civilians over here in this bunker. 
Can you get them out?" They said, "Well, we're gonna  get them out with a hand grenade." I said, "Just hold your people right here please, I think I can do better."
So I went over to the bunker and motioned for them to come out, everything was OK.  At that time I didn't know  what I was going to do, because there was more than three or four there, more like nine or ten or something like that.  So I walked back over to the aircraft and kind of kept  them around me and called the pilot that was flying the low gunship and said, "Hey, I got these people here down on the ground, and you all land and get them out of here." So he agreed to do that, which I think was the first time a gunship's ever been used for that.  There's enough of them there that he had to make two trips and he picked them up and took them about ten miles or so behind the lines and dropped them off.

It was probably one of the saddest days of my life. 
I just could not believe that people could totally lose control and I've heard people say this happened all the time.  I don't believe it.  I'm not naive to understand that innocent civilians did get killed in Vietnam. I truly pray to God that My Lai was not an everyday occurrence.  I don't know if anybody could keep their sanity if something like that happens all the time.  I can see where four or five people get killed, something like that.  But that was nothing like that, it was no accident
whatsoever.  Pure premeditated murder. And we're trained better than that and it's just not something you'd like to do

Same thing happens everyday in Iraq now, nothing happens except in accordance with God's master plan. The guilty on both sides get their just requital, as for the righteous, their choices grant them protection by God as He promised to save the righteous wherever they are.

We ultimately save our messengers and those who believe. It is our immutable law that we save the believers.

War in Quran has strict rules, it is only allowed in self defense or to eliminate oppression [2:191-194]. God prohibited killing an innocent civilian injustly, only an equitable retribution is allowed.
Agression is strictly forbidden as killing one soul unjustly is like killing all the people.

[5:32] Because of this, we decreed for the Children of Israel that anyone who murders any person who had not committed murder or horrendous crimes, it shall be as if he murdered all the people. And anyone who spares a life, it shall be as if he spared the lives of all the people. Our messengers went to them with clear proofs and revelations, but most of them, after all this, are still transgressing.

For photo documentation of the massacre, follow this link:

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