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News from Satan's kingdom     

10) The festival of 'Ashura Feb 19, 2005:

This article is by no means intended to insult the Shiites, on the contrary it is intended to wake them up on the ugly truth that thay have been duped by Satan to inflict themselves with pain and hardship.

In the religion of Submission, there are no special festivals, however satanic rituals have crept into it through the extreme love of the dead prophets and saints. The Shiites commemorate every year on the 10th day of the Submitter's Hijri calendar the death of Hussayn (son of Ali, Muhammad's cousin), they travel in great numbers to Karbala' in Iraq (where his tomb is believed to be), and then a satanic ritual begins. The pilgrims wearing white cloakes flog themselves with iron chains and slice their heads with swords turning their white cloaks into blood red.

The event of Hussein's death was distorted to begin with, the official history states that Hussayn (the grandson of Muhammad) was killed because he revolted against the tyrant Khalif "Yazid Ibn Muawiyah". However the messenger Rashad Khalifa pointed out the true history,

Excerpt from appendix 24 of the authorized english translation of Quran by Rashad Khalifa:

Nineteen years after the Prophet Muhammad's death, during the reign of Khalifa `Uthman, a committee of scribes was appointed to make several copies of the Quran to be dispatched to the new Muslim lands. The copies were to be made from the original Quran which was written by Muhammad's hand (Appendix 28).

This committee was supervised by `Uthman Ibn `Affaan, `Ali Ibn Abi Taaleb, Zeid Ibn Thaabet, Ubayy Ibn Ka`ab, `Abdullah Ibn Al-Zubair, Sa`eed Ibn Al-`Aas, and `Abdul Rahman Ibn Al-Haareth Ibn Heshaam. The Prophet, of course, had written the Quran in its chronological order of revelation (Appendix 23), together with the necessary instructions to place every piece in its proper position. The last sura revealed in Medina was Sura 9. Only Sura 110, a very short sura, was revealed after Sura 9, in Mina.

The committee of scribes finally came to Sura 9, and put it in its proper place. One of the scribes suggested adding a couple of verses to honor the Prophet. The majority of scribes agreed. `Ali was outraged. He vehemently maintained that the word of God, written down by the hand of His final prophet, must never be altered.

Ali's protest is documented in many references, but I cite and reproduce here the classic reference AL ITQAAN FEE 'ULUM AL QURAN by Jalaluddin Al-Suyuty, Al-Azhareyyah Press, Cairo, Egypt, 1318 AH, Page 59 [see Insert 1].

`Ali was asked: "Why are you staying home?" He said, "Something
has been added to the Quran, and I have pledged never to put on my street clothes,
except for the prayer, until the Quran is restored."

 The horrendous dimensions of this crime can be realized once we look at the consequences:

(1) `Uthman was assassinated, and `Ali was installed as the fourth Khalifa.

(2) A 50-year war erupted between the new Khalifa and his supporters on one side, and the Mohammedan distorters of the Quran on the other side.

(3) `Ali was martyred, and eventually his family, the prophet Muhammad's family, except for some women and children, were killed.

(4) The disaster culminated in the infamous Battle of Karbala, where `Ali's son, Hussein, and his family were massacred.

(5) The Muslims were deprived of the pure, unaltered, Quran for 1400 years.  


What happened next is that Satan succeeded in duping both parties (the victors and the losers) into idolizing mere mortals. The victors were already idolizing the prophet Muhammad (and that's why they added the two verses exalting him), as for those who supported Ali and his son Hussayn (The Shiites) they idolized the martyrs (Ali and his son Hussayn), which is exactly similar to the way Satan duped the Christians into idolizing Jesus on seeing the torture and death of their prophet. Same happened with Hussayn and to this day the Shiites are distracted by a powerless creature like them from worshipping God alone.

None but Satan would inflict such pain on the human beings, the pilgrims engage in an extreme form of idol-worship that resembles the satanic rituals where the people torture themselves for Satan's enjoyment.

Note that the event this year fell on the 19th of February, it is emphasized this year because God wants to warn against this festival before the advent of the Victory, and note also that in the two years since Saddam was ousted (he banned this festival for political reasons during his reign) the festival was marred by violence and bombs that killed hundreds, this is a retribution sent from God that they may take heed and refrain from such a satanic ritual.

God willing the real religion of God, Submission will soon spread allover the world and this satanic distortions will all disappear.

Scarlet ritual by Shiites


KARBALA, Iraq -- Shiites commemorating their holiest day yesterday flogged themselves with iron chains and sliced their foreheads with swords, slowly turning their cloaks scarlet in a ritual of grief that was banned under ousted dictator Saddam Hussein. For the second year in a row, hundreds of thousands of Shiite pilgrims marked the festival of Ashoura. Millions of pilgrims flock annually to Karbala and its twin city Najaf, two of the holiest Shiite cities 

Iraq Shiites celebrate holiest day in wake of killings


- Iraqi Shiites marked their holiest religious festival of Ashura, a day after attacks targeting the majority community killed 34 people in and around Baghdad following its historic victory in last month's elections.

The day started with the deaths of six people in three separate attacks north of Baghdad, followed by a large explosion in the capital which targeted a police patrol but caused no casualties.

Multiple attacks targeting the newly empowered Shiite community killed 34 people on Friday, bringing back grim memories of the bloodbath that marred last year's Ashura.

Ali Al-Saadi - (AFP)

[6:137] Thus were the idol worshipers duped by their idols, to the extent of killing their own children.
 In fact, their idols
inflict great pain upon them, and confuse their religion for them.
Had GOD willed, they would not have done it.
 You shall disregard them and their fabrications.

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